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Home Exchange

CasaVersa Home Exchange Company – Exclusive Interview with Founder Yariv Gilad

A few months ago I noticed a new home exchange company named CasaVersa. They were on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. They were everywhere! Who are these people I wondered. So, as I’m wont to do, I contacted CasaVersa and asked to interview the founder; I was introduced to Yariv Gilad.  

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Is Home Exchange Right For Your Family Vacation?

The thought of family vacation conjures up images of laughing children and relaxed smiling parents. Now, think about a home; it’s a place of comfort and safety. When you combine the two  

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Graduation Gift Idea – 6 Reasons Why Home Swap Travel With Your Son or Daughter Is the Best Graduation Gift Ever

High school and college graduation season is upon us and it’s often a challenge to think of the right graduation gift for your children. When my daughter, Michele, graduated from high school a few years ago we did what we do best: home exchange! If your son or daughter will graduate next year, start planning … Continue reading »

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How To Snag A Top Home Swap With Great Photographs

High quality photos of your home are the single most important way to attract a top home swap. I searched websites of several home swap clubs to uncover some great examples of Do and Don’t home photography. As you peruse the photos below, please note that the homes themselves are fine, but there are usually … Continue reading »

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Yes, You Can House Swap – Si Se Puede!

On this Cinco de Mayo*, 5th of May, I’m borrowing a Spanish phrase I’ve always loved, “Si, se puede!” or “Yes, you can!” It’s my rallying cry to tell you, “Yes, you can home swap!” Sometimes in life I think we need someone to tell us that we can achieve our goal: we can run that race, … Continue reading »

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Home Exchange Vacation Preparation – Welcome Letter to Your Home Exchange Partners (1 of 3)

Vacation season is just around the corner. If you’ve scheduled a home exchange you must be getting really excited! Over the next few weeks I will post a series of three articles about what you can do to prepare for and welcome your home exchange partners. This week’s focus is the Welcome Letter. We all … Continue reading »

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If There Is A Downside to Home Swap, This Would Be It

When visiting Colorado in March, spring skiing must be on the agenda. My husband, Stan and I made a last minute decision to visit our son in Denver for Easter. Our daughter decided to change her plans and meet us in Denver as well, so suddenly our vacation would include the entire family. I was … Continue reading »

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6 Goof-Proof Strategies to Capture Your Next Home Exchange

You feel like a trained athlete. You’re in the zone, the home exchange vacation zone. You’ve joined a home exchange club Taken beautiful photos of your home Created a fabulous home exchange webpage Sent out e-mails to home exchange prospects                                                                                                                                             Then… nothing happens. Three house swappers have written to me within the last few weeks … Continue reading »

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3 Secrets for a Successful Home Exchange

Home exchange vacation has been a way of life for my family since the year 2000. We’ve traveled to eight countries and enjoyed 14 home swaps. When I talk about home swap, and I love talking about home swap, I find that there are three secrets that people appreciate most, so I thought I’d share them with … Continue reading »

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The Dordogne; Domme, France; and A Contest!

Recently I was asked, “What’s your favorite off-the-beaten-path destination?” Immediately I recalled a fortified village or bastide in southwestern France named Domme. When my husband and our two children stepped through the 13thcentury arched gateway of rock wall it felt like we’d entered another time. Narrow cobbled streets cleaned by a summer rain, cozy honey-hued … Continue reading »

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